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                  Let music be a part of our life!



Education is a process of immersing people to understand the value of things we don't usually think about in our daily life. As a musician, I feel the urge to share the elements I deem important in music with my students because they inspire us to look at the world differently, to perserve our true selves, and to figure out our relationship with the world.  


Born in Taipei, Taiwan, I received my early musical training in Taiwan before heading to New York City for my Bachlor's and Master's degrees at the Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College before my doctorate at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. With years of experience performing nationally and internationally, I realized the inseparable quality of music with the community it is in. Besides the musical projects for the concert hall setting, I began concert series and music appreciation series at various senior homes and hospitals in Ann Arbor. With a strong belief that the best way to grow as a music person is to collaborate with other musicians, I often play with my students and create performance opportunities for them in both local and concert hall settings.


While collaborating with other musicians makes a musician grow, taking music lessons is a necessity for students to efficiently polish their techniques and to develop a more thorough understanding of musical styles and their own playing habits. As a music educator, I believe that the best way to help my students is to help them develop the ability to be their own teachers one day in the future. That is the reason why I emphasize the importance of developing a sharper sense of awareness in sound and physical movements during teaching. 


There is nothing more rewarding than connecting with people or embarking inspirations and creativity out of people, either performers or listeners, with music. 


- Yi-Chun Lin


















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